Privacy Policy

Pure Financial Advice Limited is committed to respecting your privacy and we recognise your need to know that your personal data is being lawfully processed and held in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal data is any information that relates to a living individual who can be identified from that data and so covers the information you provide us. Pure Financial Advice Limited is the data controller of your personal data and is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Our contact details are listed below. Pure Financial Advice Limited provides you with the information set out in this Privacy Policy so that if you share your personal data with us you are aware of what we do with it.

Pure Financial Advice Limited collects information from you to provide you with the best possible service. We collect information from you that includes:-

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Any other information provided by you detailing how Pure Financial Advice Limited can help you further.

This information is collected from the on-line further information form which you complete and submit to Pure Financial Advice Limited.
Pure Financial Advice Limited uses this information to understand your needs and to provide you with a better service.
In the interests of continually improving our services to you we may contact you from time to time to inform you of new products, offers and services which are relevant to you. We do this by direct marketing communications which are delivered through telemarketing, faxing, emailing and direct mail. We are committed to giving you the choice of whether or not your information can be used for such direct marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be contacted by us please tick the opt-out box on the on-line enquiry form page. If you wish to opt back in at any time you can do this by sending us an email.
In addition to direct marketing, from time to time we conduct research in which case anonymous or aggregated data may be used or disclosed for research/statistical purposes.
We will never collect sensitive information about you without your express consent.
If we intend to transfer your personal data outside the EEA (European Economic Area) we will always obtain your consent first.

Pure Financial Advice Limited will not sell your personal data to others; although, with your consent, we may share your information with third parties. If you do not wish to be included in any third party marketing, where your details may be passed to like-minded organisations, please tick the opt-out box on the on-line enquiry form page. If at any time you wish to change this status, it can be done by emailing us.

Pure Financial Advice Limited strives to keep your personal data up to date and accurate. We will amend or delete inaccurate data as soon as reasonably practical after a request from you to do so.

We do not use cookies for collecting user information from this website.

Pure Financial Advice Limited is committed to ensuring the security of your personal data which will be held in accordance with out internal security policy.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted here.

Pure Financial Advice Limited supports industry self regulation efforts on privacy. If you have any comments or questions about our Privacy Policy please email them to or contact us at:

Pure Financial Advice Limited
81-83 School Road
RG31 5AT

Call: 0118 943 1789